SAL Chemical’s commitment to ISO 9001 Quality Process has set high standards for our products and services. Furthermore, our commitment to NACD’s (National Association of Chemical Distributors) Responsible Distribution Process means we abide and encourage responsible practices in health, safety and the environment. Quality at SAL Chemical is a vital element in satisfying customers needs. SAL Chemical employs an operational process designed to ensure that our customers receive "on spec" products every time.

We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs and their product requirements by offering the highest quality products, properly packaged, accurately labeled and documented.

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Commitment to Improvement

At SAL Chemical we view change as a challenge to grow. We are committed to continuously improving our systems, products and people in an effort to serve you better.

  • Expanding our array of packaging, reconditioning and recycling services to maximize your ease in handling the products that we supply.

  • Implementing comprehensive programs to help ensure that our repackaging services remain the industry standard for protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers, and for improving the environment.

  • Managing all shipments to ensure safe, on-time and accurate delivery.

SAL Chemical emphasizes worker, product, environmental and transportation safety by operating far above the minimum requirements of laws, regulations and industry codes.

Each day, our goal is to achieve perfection in everything we do so that we can guarantee customer satisfaction.